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Old North State Medical Foundation
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Hi, I'm Amanda

(ONSMF) was established as a nonprofit corporation with the principal purpose of providing technical program support and grants to community organizations that exist to empower       at-risk-youth to achieve a positive future. Through strengthening families, scientific,         educa­tional, cultural, religious, or other charitable initiatives, ONSMF, a public charity, derives its support from diverse sources including other foundations, corporations, individuals, and government agencies. 

Chartered in 2015, organizational leaders include community leaders, community-based organizations, businesses, institutions, religious entities and individuals who belong to          Old North State Medical Society (ONSMS). Medical professionals and ONSMS members are invited to become Foundation partners, how­ever, the two organizations are distinctly different, completely separate with different missions and leadership. 

ONSMF has as its mission the acquisition and distribution of funds, resources and training that empower youth-oriented organizations, institutions, public providers and religious entities to serve and reduce the needs of predominantly low-income, at-risk children and youth. Orchestrating actions and securing finances that support world class education, avoidance of Involvement in the legal system, entrepreneuri­al skill development, exposure to cultural experiences, cultivating an appreciation of the arts, gardening, the development of leadership skills, strengthening families and valuing the experience and rewards of community service are chief focus of the Foundation. 

Building on the strengths of the robust discussion between youth, community members and law en­forcement during day one of the ONSMS 2015 medical convention, the energized audience members became the impetus leading to formation of the Foundation. 

Today our plans call for our youth partners to eventually take on the leadership role of ONSMF and eventually to lead other youth-focused organizations across NC. 

Investing In Our Future